Meet Chris Lambert

Landscape Expert

Hello, my name is Chris Lambert.

I have lived in the Raleigh area since 1970 where I worked and attended public school. My college experience includes North Carolina State University as well as East Carolina University. In 1984 I graduated from ECU with a BSBA, specializing in marketing. After working in Corporate America for ten years, primarily in sales, I founded Carolina Outdoor Care in 1994.

Carolina Outdoor Care was initially a tree service, but as our name implies, we have diversified to a full service landscape company. We specialize in property maintenance, irrigation, and constructing outdoor spaces. Our sister company, Carolina Outdoor Tree Experts, continues to service our residential and commercial customers in North Carolina.

As these companies have grown I have worn many hats. I have primarily served in sales and I currently manage all sales efforts and I am passionate about maintaining and high level of service to our customers. One of the steps we have taken to ensure a high level of service is partnering with a company called LandOpt LLC.

Through our partnership with them we have access to systems that will maximize the quality of services we provide to our customers as well as grow our business as the market continues to change.

My wife, Brenda, and I live in North Raleigh, near my childhood home, with our three wonderful children. With both our children's activities and our own, we stay quite active. Outside of my family and companies, I like to spend time with friends, hunting, fishing, and chasing a little white ball.